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Education in India is not a transaction, it is a journey of understanding, exploring, creating, rising, and finally learning.  We, at Shri SwamijiMaharaj college of Education and Sciences think not differently. The pedagogy at our Institute is learning and activities focused. We push the students beyond their known boundaries to explore the areas that they never knew earlier and what in effect has been instrumental in redefining the lives of plethora of students. While it is important to make sure that students explore the new domains, it is equally important that they follow their interests in that domain, with passion and enthusiasm. And at this point the role of teachers in the entire curriculum becomes extremely crucial. While the I T and books are there for opening the gates of vast horizons of knowledge, it is the teachers who make sure that the inspiration and passion never laid down. With this philosophy in mind, we take immense care to be a student centric society within our institute that gets guided by the well-crafted experience of teachers. That is the reason we pay extreme attention to not only recruit one of the finest talented teachers for the institute, but also strive to keep them updated by constant skill upgradation to enable them remain in touch with universal problems and help the students solve those problems in real life situation. Our mission is to create world class problem solvers who can struggle hard to make the world a better place to live in by contributing to be the leaders of change. The world, and more so our nation, is poised to usher in a new era of problem solvers who can bring the change. We, atShri SwamijiMaharaj college of Education and Sciences believe in nurturing those agents of change who through their hard work, passion, and guidance will be the crucial differentiators.

While it is important to bring change, we also recognize that not everything needs to be changed, especially the roots. We focus on learning, exploring and creating but not at the cost of challenging the fundamentals that any society is laid upon. Values like Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Commitment, and Loyalty always hold prime importance over anything else. Students are not only encouraged to practice these in every walk of life, but also fed in as a system to lay a strong foundation for the years to come.

This should briefly gives the reader some idea of the Institute's mission and core values. I hope this website will provide all the details that the readers are looking for about the institute, and the readerswill find that in every section the aforementioned core values and mission gets reflected, if not overtly then definitely subtly.