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Library is the soul of any educational institute and one of the important activities as far as education is concerned and SSM College values these sentiments. As library is a part and parcel of every college, it is an endeavor of SSM College to provide best library facilities for the students.

SSM Library serves as a backbone to all academic activities of the college with following specialties

  • Open to every student, faculty members and college employees from Monday to Saturday day between 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.
  • Vast library with more than 8600 Books.
  • Multiple books in various disciplines in the reference section.
  • Regular subscription to National/International Journals, Newspapers and Magazines, Encyclopedia & Periodicals.
  • Book bank facilities.
  • Sufficient collection of audio-video cassettes.
  • Xeroxing facility.
  • A peaceful & separate study circles for faculty and students.
  • Availability of on line access for all users.
  • E-library with updated CD-DVDs stocks